In partnership with Acción Cultural Española (AC/E)
Residency Dates: October 23 – December 9, 2013
Alto Maliaño (Cantabria), Spain, 1979 | Lives and works in Madrid

Juan López’ work explores the aesthetic possibilities of the urban environment, playing with the spaces, mixing video projections and installations, designing complex iconic buildings and trying to change the perception of the architecture with direct drawings on the walls. In his work lies a deep interest in direct contact to the language developed in the street with the different artistic codes within the scope of private and institutional. Thus, his productions are filled with elements that make immediate reference to urban space. His work has been exhibited in: La Casa Encendida, Madrid; La Fábrica Gallery, Madrid; Nogueras Blanchard Gallery, Barcelona; MUSAC, León; Laboral Art Center, Gijón; Joan Miró Fundation, Barcelona; Tokyo Wonder Site, Japan, among others.

In partnership with Acción Cultural Española (AC/E)
(Residency Dates: November 26 – December 22, 2013)
Mexico, 1977 | Lives and works in Madrid

Half-Mexican and half-Japanese, Hisae Ikenaga, presents processed industrial made objects to create contradictions in their functions. She has a constant will of transformation to point out the processes in the materials. In some of her works, she proposes the use of “global objects,” objects purchased in international chain stores, to manipulate, arrange their parts in different ways and create new opinions about everyday life circumstances. The instruction manuals of these objects are also used to open new windows to see transformations on paper. Ikenaga studied Fine Arts in Mexico City and completed postgraduate studies in Kyoto, Barcelona and Madrid. She has exhibited works in Cuba, Germany, Japan, México, among other countries.

In partnership with Acción Cultural Española (AC/E)
(Residency Dates: February 11 – March 9, 2014)
Madrid, Spain, 1982 | Lives and works in Madrid

DosJotas (Julio Alberto Jimenez) graduated in Fine Arts from the Universidad Complutense de Madrid, and holds a Masters in Contemporary Art from Universidad Europea de Madrid. He has developed work based on actions in urban spaces (not public), carried out with a critical cultural and planning perspective. DosJotas’ work is based on appropriating and reinterpreting existing elements in the urban landscape, seeing the city like a field of action and artistic intervention. DosJotas’ social critique spans from the gentrification found in all large cities to forms of control in mass societies and civic passivity within the context of disappearing public spaces. His interventions have been presented in Madrid, New York, Berlin, Paris, San Francisco, among other cities.

In partnership with Acción Cultural Española (AC/E)
(Residency Dates: January 9 – February 7, 2014)
Madrid, Spain, 1984 | Lives and works in Madrid

Anglada is a curator, researcher and contemporary art writer. She has a Master’s Degree in Contemporary Art History and Visual Culture and a Bachelor’s Degree in Art History from the Universidad Complutense de Madrid and Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía. She is the founder and director of the online magazine for contemporary art Nosotros, which analyses and promotes the Madrilian contemporary young art scene among other things. She recently has carried out several exhibition projects in various formats: Hey Moon: Twelve (a fanzine built as a group exhibition in collaboration with MOOOOON Publishing); YES!, a group show curated together with Tolo Cañellas at la New Gallery for the cycle Only Opening, during ARCOMadrid.

(Residency Dates: January 19 – February 3, 2014)
Guatemala, 1981 | Lives and works in Guatemala

Roland is a photographer who specialized in portraits, urban and editorial photography. He started his career as a photojournalist in Guatemala for the newspaper Siglo 21, as well as the art and architecture magazine Artefactos. His photographs combine kitsch, pop, sensual and emotional imagery and plays with religious contradictions.

In partnership with Acción Cultural Española (AC/E)
(Residency Dates: March 11 – April 13, 2014)
Madrid, Spain, 1975 | Lives and works in Madrid

Espinosa is an independent curator. He obtained a degree in Audiovisual Communication at Universidad Complutense de Madrid. Currently, he is responsible for the non-profit art spaces The Black Pillar (theblackpillar.blogspot.com) and Fragile, both in Madrid. Recently, he was the Artistic Director for JUSTMAD 2014. He participated in the group initiative Casas y Calles (2001). He is also a journalist and editor-in-chief of Marie Claire magazine and a professor of Fashion Journalism at IED. He has contributed to other publications like: El País Semanal, EP3, Elle, La Gaceta de Canarias, Vanidad, WAD Magazine and Dedicate (France).

In partnership with Acción Cultural Española (AC/E)

(Residency Dates: April 1 – May 4, 2014)
Alicante, Spain, 1976 | Lives and works between Madrid and Santiago de Chile

Meseguer earned a PHD in Fine Arts from the Universidad Complutense de Madrid, Spain. Since 2011 she is a Professor at the Fine Arts Faculty, Universidad Complutense de Madrid and a researcher for the Decolonizing knowledge and aesthetics project between Goldsmiths London & Matadero Madrid. The transformation of the space and the concept of defence in a social, political, military or espionage context, are constant themes in the creation of visual metaphors. She works in various media like: photography, installation, drawings, painting, and documentation. She has developed several artistic & research stays at the M.O.MA. & Columbia University, New York; Tate Britain research center and the Victoria & Albert Museum, London; Centre Georges Pompidou & Societé Française de fotographie, Paris, among others.

In partnership with Acción Cultural Española (AC/E)
 (Residency Dates: April 10 – May 15, 2014)
Madrid, Spain, 1974 | Lives and works in Madrid

Esther Mañas graduated with a degree in Interior Architecture & Design from the Arts and Crafts school of Madrid in 1997, continuing on to complete a BA in Fine Art at the Universidad Complutense de Madrid, Spain 2000 and later an MA in Fine Art at the Academy of Fine Arts in Helsinki.  Her works could be framed in a field of drawing and sculpture and are informed by both spatial and symbolic characteristics of the sites in which they are developed and exhibited. Themes present deal with boundaries between reality and fiction and question the latent and occluded symbolic functions of architectural spaces in our surrounding polymorphous landscapes.

(Residency Dates: July 7 – July 24, 2014)
São Paulo, Brazil, 1962 | Lives and works in São Paulo

Vinci has dedicated herself to sculpture and to installation from the mid-1990s onwards. Her gradual transition into producing larger-scale works stems from her keen interest in interacting with space in incisive fashion. Whether hanging netted lights from the ceiling, filling the floor with apples, or connecting a network of heated marble pools of water, Vinci explores transformation, building environments where change happens both before us and because of us. Vinci has exhibited heavily in her home country in both solo and group exhibitions. Her work is featured in several national collections.

(Residency Dates: May 17 – August 20, 2014)
Brooklyn, NY, 1961 | Lives and works in Miami Beach

Weinberg creates works in painting and collage, designs rugs, tiles, mosaic and paint murals, and produces art for architecture and public spaces. Her works in all media integrate her vision of vivid backdrops for human activity. Weinberg is the recipient of fellowships and residencies and exhibited in numerous galleries and museums at the national and international level. Weinberg received a BFA from the School of Visual Arts in NYC and an MFA from Tyler School of Art in Philadelphia. She has been a visiting artist and instructor at several universities, and she is a project consultant to museums and non-profits. Weinberg has been Creative Director of Girls’ Club in Fort Lauderdale since 2006.

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