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Pleasure, Fear and the Pursuit of Happiness

ArtCenterSF-TC-NaydaCollazoLlorens-websiteNayda Collazo-Llorens | Pleasure, Fear and the Pursuit of Happiness

ON VIEW June 29 – November 3, 2013

Miami Beach Botanical Garden | 2000 Convention Center Drive

“Through it, I continue to explore the way in which we perceive and process information, dealing with concepts of navigation, language, displacement, memory and noise,” states Collazo-Llorens about her upcoming installation.

The Bass Museum of Art along with Miami Beach Botanical Garden and ArtCenter/South Florida present Nayda Collazo-Llorens: Pleasure, Fear and the Pursuit of Happiness. A public textual intervention consisting of text bubbles throughout the walking paths of the Miami Beach Botanical Gardens. Collazo-Llorens’ works are based on thoughts and memories, both real and invented, collected from Miami Beach locals and visitors. The text was collected by completing on-site questionnaires, informal surveys and casual conversations in and around Miami Beach. Pedestrians will experience the narrative by participating in an open-endedjourney, a textscape or mental mapping to accompany them as they walk the gardens.

Nayda Collazo-Llorens is a visual artist based in both New York City and Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. She is an ArtCenter alumna who was born in San Juan, Puerto Rico.


The Miami Beach Botanical Garden, a public garden in the heart of Miami Beach, offers free access to an attractive garden; creates environmental education programs; provides and preserves urban green space, tree canopy and beautification; and serves as a venue for the arts. The Miami Beach Botanical Garden is owned by the City of Miami Beach and operated by the Miami Beach Garden Conservancy.
tc: temporary contemporary is a city-wide temporary, public art program initiated by the Bass Museum of Art in partnership with the City of Miami Beach. This program seeks to activate the urban landscape with art, surprising and engaging residents, visitors and passers-by with outdoor works of art in unexpected places. Sculpture, murals, sound installations, video and other interactive works of art, will interrupt people’s daily routines and encourage thoughtful interactions with the city and its communities. Public art becomes a catalyst to appreciate the unique character of Miami Beach from the Art Deco façade of the Bass Museum to Frank Gehry’s New World Symphony, to the busy streets and boardwalk and the spaces in between.
tc: temporary contemporary is an ongoing project, as works of art explore interactions and relationships: to an environment, to a site and to each other. This general theme includes the nuances of communication and interactivity, as well as our physical relationship to architecture. The topography of the city will be pointed to, redrawn and redefined by some projects. Others will convey a sense of surprise via displacement, where seemingly common objects in public space are not what they appear. A number of projects are designed to promote new, vibrant meeting places for social interactions in the community.

Mark E. McGovern Scholarship Fund | ArtCamp 2013

Scholarship application guidelines:

Scholarships are granted based on financial need, on a first come first serve basis.

Scholarships are for one, two week session, available for Session 3 (July 8-19) or Session 4 (July 22-August 2).

Camper must be age 6-12 years old. If camper is 6 years old,  proof of age is required. (Camper must be 6 by the first day of the session that they are applying for).


ArtCamp 2013 registration form.

Copy of the parent or legal guardians 2012 tax return must be provided as proof of income.

Please send a complete ArtCamp form and copy of your 2012 tax return to Tammy Key, Education Director at You may also fax the form and tax return to 305.674.8772 (Please mark your fax: Attention, Tammy Key)

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