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On Location: Artha Project


On Location: Artha Project

Tyler Healy | Dean Levin | Evan Robarts

EXTENDED THROUGH  September 15, 2013

Project 924 | 924 Lincoln Road, Second Floor, Miami Beach, FL 33139

On Location: Artha Project attempts to recreate the studio space of three Brooklyn-based artists currently exhibiting in I-95 South: Tyler Healy, Dean Levin and Evan Robarts. The artists are part of a private residency program, Artha Project in the Brooklyn Navy Yard. Their shared space allows them to engage in intellectual discourses and critiques about each other’s work. It also contributes to them sometimes using similar materials, yet in different ways. Although the artists work independently, their proximity also facilitates collaborations between them.



I-95 South

I95_OR-websiteI-95 South

Tyler Healy | Johnny Laderer | Dean Levin | Gustavo Oviedo |
Luis Pinto | Evan Robarts | Kyle Yanagihara

PANEL DISCUSSION  Wednesday, August 7 | 6 PM
ON VIEW  August 3 – September 29, 2013

The Richard Shack Gallery | 800 Lincoln Road, Miami Beach, FL 33139

I-95 South brings together seven emerging artists based in Miami and New York, two diverse and culturally rich metropolitan cities. The exhibition asserts the importance of place and how that influences medium, technique, narrative and iconography. These artists’ works are influenced by their environment; whether by the underground art and music scene, the urban landscapes of Brooklyn or Wynwood, or their proximity to each other within the walls of their studio. Together, they have reinvented the “canvas,” developed new languages and reinterpreted their heritages.

ArtCenter South Florida Studios: 924 Lincoln Road
Office: 924 Lincoln Road, Suite 205 | Miami Beach, FL 33139 | (p) 305.674.8278 (f) 305.674-8772