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Come to the Edge


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Come to the Edge | 12-Hour Reading of Works by Apollinaire
Saturday, April 5, 2014 | 10am – 10pm
Presented in partnership with Tigertail Productions

ArtCenter/South Florida | 800 Lincoln Road #101, Miami Beach

Come to the Edge, is a 12-hour reading of the writings of Apollinaire, in conjunction with the monthly Studio Crawl. Twenty-four volunteers, one by one, will read the poetic works the French poet, playwright, novelist and art critic throughout the day. Some will read in English, some in the original French, others in both languages. Guillaume Apollinaire is considered the father of surrealism, having actually coined the term 100 years ago. The readings will take place from 10am to 10pm.  Drop by anytime and enjoy, for FREE.

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Greetings from Miami


Greetings from Miami | DosJotas
Presented in partnership with Acción Cultural Española

810 Lincoln Road Lobby, Miami Beach, Fl 33139

DosJotas is ArtCenter’s third visiting artist from Spain through its partnership with Accion Cultural Espanola. DosJotas’ project encompasses the city as with his interventions and actions. During his residency in Miami, his work takes a turn where he takes on the guise of anthropologist, meeting and interviewing Miamians from all walks of life—immigrants that range from Cubans to Haitians to New Yorkers. The project will culminate in a set of “tourist” postcards that represent the “real” Miami.

Madrid, 1982 | Lives and works in Madrid
DosJotas graduated in Fine Arts from the Universidad Complutense de Madrid, Masters in Contemporary Art from U.E.M. DosJotas’ work functions as social criticism. He works primarily through actions and interventions within urban spaces, not necessarily public. Through his work, he appropriates and reinterprets existing elements in the urban landscape, using the city as a stage for action and artistic intervention. He explores the disappearance of public spaces through gentrification found in all large cities and forms of control in mass societies and civic passivity. His interventions have and can be found in Amsterdam, Barcelona, Berlin, Madrid, Miami, New York, Paris, San Francisco, among other cities.

CONVERSATION: Sex, Eroticism and Gender


CONVERSATION: Sex, Eroticism and Gender
Wednesday, March 12 | 7pm
ArtCenter’s Richard Shack Gallery | 800 Lincoln Road, Miami Beach

Art historian and curator Marivi Véliz leads a conversation around sex, eroticism and gender within contemporary art practice. This is the central theme in her current exhibition In His Own Likeness at ArtCenter’s Richard Shack Gallery. Dr. Gema Pérez-Sánchez, University of Miami professor, will join the conversation with a discussion about gender studies, the relationship of feminism and the role of masculinity. Artist Othon Castaneda will address how these themes play a major role in work.

In His Own Likeness primarily reaffirms existence, which in its diversity and complexity, is equally divine. Although, it does present us, in a somewhat provocative manner, an assortment of images of eroticized men alluding, rather than to God, to His gender—the masculinity attributed to Him—and as a result, to the power associated with the male gender. Thus, the exhibition addresses the way in which masculinity unfolds, expresses itself, and even loses all meaning: sex.

ArtCenter South Florida Studios: 924 Lincoln Road
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