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Radio Miami

A project by Rosell Meseguer and curated by Glexis Novoa
In partnership with Acción Cultural Española (AC/E)

ON VIEW  April 30 – June 8, 2014

RADIO MIAMI is an archive created by visiting artist Rosell Meseguer (Spain/Chile) based on her research since 2007. The exhibition is informed by South Florida-based artists, Kevin ArrowAdler Guerrier, Patricia Margarita Hernandez, Gean Moreno & Ernesto OrozaAna OchoaOnajide Shabaka, and curated by Glexis Novoa. During the opening reception, South Florida-based artists Kevin Arrow and Patricia Margarita Hernandez performed Two Worlds, a didactic demonstration based on audiovisual archival material followed by a screening of The American In Orbit.

The interdisciplinary archive links cultural, political and social issues from the Cold War to the current financial crisis in the US and Europe focusing on Miami’s panorama. The resulting recollection constitutes the “final archive” in its ability to demonstrate the geographical displacement and cultural diasporas caused by phenomena originated from political and social matters. Assuming curatorial practice and cultural activism as a working methodology for this multidisciplinary collaborative project, Novoa acts as a vehicle to establish a communicative language between Meseguer and the invited South Florida-based artists.

During ArtCenter’s Studio Crawl in May, RADIO MIAMI featured “No Radio,” a radio-performance by South Florida-based artist Patricia Margarita Hernandez and Robert Cruz featuring audio from CONELRAD (Control of Electromagnetic Radiation) and the Civil Defense Council of Miami in the 1950s.

A special thank you to the Patricia and Phillip Frost Museum of Science for their loan of several objects to this exhibition.

Project 924 | 924 Lincoln Road, Second Floor, Miami Beach
Gallery Hours
| Mon-Thu 12pm-6pm, Fri-Sat 11am-10pm, Sun 11am-9pm



Flight: Aloft in the Everglades
Presented in partnership with AIRIE

Wendy Call | Lisa Elmaleh | Naomi Fisher | Gustavo Matamoros | Adam Nadel | Trong Nguyen | Rebecca Reeve | Nathaniel Sandler | Susan Silas | Curated by Deborah Mitchell

ON VIEW  May 3 – July 6, 2014
CONVERSATION  Wednesday, June 18 | 7pm

STUDIO CRAWL  Saturday, July 5 | 7-10pm

is an exhibition of new work created by artists who participated in the AIRIE residency at Everglades National Park. The artists in the exhibition each spent a month living and working in the park, immersed in the ecological and cultural concerns of the River of Grass. Their works explore many facets of our cultural experience of nature in this World Heritage Site. In Flight, the Everglades are considered through aerial views of suburban encroachment, birds taking wing, the ethereal nature of wind, and even the stark contrast of nuclear missiles housed deep in the wilderness.

ArtCenter’s Richard Shack Gallery | 800 Lincoln Road, Miami Beach
Gallery Hours | Mon-Thu 12pm-9pm, Fri-Sat 11am-10pm, Sun 11am-9pm


Eros Erased, Eros Collaged


Eros Erased, Eros Collaged:
Reading Queer Creative Writing Workshop as part of LitCrawl
Presented by Reading Queer and O, Miami Poetry Festival

Friday, April 25, 2014 | 8-10pm
ArtCenter’s Richard Shack Gallery | 800 Lincoln Road, Miami Beach

Reading Queer & O, Miami Poetry Festival present “Eros Erased, Eros
Collaged,” a collage and erasure poetry workshop at ArtCenter’s Richard Shack Gallery on Friday, April 25th from 8– 10pm. “Eros Erased, Eros Collaged” is an official stop for the first-ever LitCrawl Miami.

Using vintage queer erotica, Neil de la Flor (RQ Executive Director) and
José Villar-Portela (RQ Program Director) will lead a free-form(less)
generative workshop on erasure & collage writing techniques. Participants
will have the opportunity to produce their own visual poems using found
erotic texts and arts & crafts supplied by the ArtCenter & Reading Queer.
The workshop will culminate with a spontaneous orchestral group reading
lead by a conductor (TBA).

After the reading, the poems will be pinned to the gallery wall and will
remain on display for the duration of “Pinning the Line,” an exhibition
that invites poets and artists who use words in their work to take part in
a living installation. You are invited to push pin a poem or visual art
work that has poetry or words no larger than 15 x 15 to the walls of the


Choreopoetry: Unnoted Notes

Choreopoetry: Unnoted Notes
Presented in partnership with O, Miami Poetry Festival
Saturday, April 26, 2014 | 6pm
ArtCenter’s Richard Shack Gallery | 800 Lincoln Road, Miami Beach

Presented in partnership with O, Miami Poetry Festival, Unnoted Notes is a performance of a choreopoem about the unspoken by Stockholm-based artist Paula Urbano. The monotone inflection utilizes the choreopoetry in an attempt to engage the audience and performer(s) that seem not to be listening–or perhaps internalizing the voice as much as she is. The text is set to an ambient soundscape by collaborator, Thomas Watkiss who wrote a special piece for this performance to build emotional timbre of the inner voice speaking aloud.

Paul Urbano | Stockholm, 1980 | Lives and works in Stockholm
Paula Urbano observes with an intersubjective perspective in her investigative narrative work about contemporary or fictive persons or places. With an interest in postcolonial theory and philosophy, her art concerns themes of identity in relation to migration and location. Starting from a subjective perspective, Urbano uses photography, video and installation to delineate a state of mind in times when the sole existence has become political. Urbano places her interrogations in the piece for the world to ponder over the eventual discrepancy between perception and representation for the individual, not only in relation to the collective, but also to a memory, to a location or to “the other.” Urbano has exhibited her work in Buenos Aires, Miami, Stockholm and Santiago de Chile. Her films have been screened at both film festivals as Oberhausen Shortfilmfestival and Göteborgs International Filmfestival as well as museums and galleries. Urbano holds an MFA in Fine Arts from Konstfack, the University of Arts, Crafts & Design.

Thomas Watkiss | Jeanette, Pennsylvania, 1979 |
Lives and works in New York City

Watkiss is a visual artist and experimental musician who constructs sound works from a careful mix of guitars, six string bass and organic field recordings to create dense ambient atmospheres shadowed with heavy metal distortion. He publishes limited edition records and has performed across the United States, Scandinavia, Continental Europe and completed residencies in Bergen, Norway and Gothenburg Sweden. He earned an MA in Interdisciplinary Studies at Konstfack in Stockholm as well as a dual BA in Art and Art History from the University of Pittsburgh. He is also an active member of ASCAP.



Zlamalova-Intersections-website.jpegIntersections | Natalie Zlamalova
Presented in partnership with O Cinema

ON VIEW  April 3, 2014 – May 4, 2014
CLOSING RECEPTION  Thursday, May 1, 2014 | 7-10pm

Zlamalova’s ink drippings are illogical and coincidental contrasting her hand-constructed geometric lines and patterns—the logical and the premeditated. She explores the crossroads between the states of being asleep and awake—the hypnagogic state. She uses dreams, instinct and graphic design elements in her mixed media works that are developed through coincidence, chance and strict repetition through a process that in the end becomes more important than the result


Natalie Zlamalova |  Czech Republic, 1988 |
Lives and works in Miami, Florida
Zlamalova was born in Czech Republic and moved to Los Angeles in 2005. She graduated from Otis College of Art & Design in 2012. Zlamalova has exhibited in Los Angeles and Miami. She currently lives and works in Miami and is  a resident artist at ArtCenter/South Florida.

Whip It Good

ArtCenterSF-WhipItGood-JeannetteEhlers-Photo_courtesy_ArtLabourArchives-500x282Whip it Good
Wednesday, April 16, 2014 | 7pm
Performance by Jeannette Ehlers | Curated by Alanna Lockward

ArtCenter’s Richard Shack Gallery | 800 Lincoln Road, Miami Beach

Whip It Good is a live performance by Jeannette Ehlers, a Caribbean diaspora artist born and based in Denmark. It was first presented in Berlin at Ballhaus Naunynstrasse in 2013 and later recreated at Vestindisk Pakhus (“The West India Warehouse”) in Copenhagen, where, in earlier times, rum, sugar, and coffee from the Antilles were lugged in. This performance will be re-enacted on April 16, 2014 at 7pm at ArtCenter/South Florida’s Richard Shack Gallery where she will challenge the audience with a deceivingly simple action: whipping—one of the most brutal means of punishment during slavery. Whip It Good is a modest but tense rebellion against the past.

Ehlers currently has a major solo exhibition Say It Loud at Nikolaj Kunsthal, Copenhagen Contemporary Art Center and her work is part of Caribbean: Crossroads of the World at the Perez Art Museum Miami.

ArtCenter South Florida Studios: 924 Lincoln Road
Office: 924 Lincoln Road, Suite 205 | Miami Beach, FL 33139 | (p) 305.674.8278 (f) 305.674-8772