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Everything Must Go: Moving Sale

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Everything Must Go: Moving Sale 
Saturday, March 7 | 11am – 10pm
Sunday, March 8 | 11am – 9pm

In celebration of Shop Miami Month and in the spirit of Everything Must Go, ArtCenter’s resident artists will be hosting an open house in anticipation of their upcoming relocations due to the sale of one of ArtCenter’s buildings. In the Richard Shack Gallery, artists will intervene the gallery currently equipped with empty bookshelves as part of Jai Alai Books’ exhibition, Everything Must Go, a commentary on the closing of corporate bookstores and the changes in the publishing industry. Visit the gallery and browse through the studios to find that special art piece at the perfect price.

Artists exhibiting in Everything Must Go: Moving Sale at the Richard Shack Gallery include Anthony Ardavin, Elysa D. Batista, Heloisa Botelho, Veronica Fazzio, Rosa Naday Garmendia, Deming Harriman, Babette Herschberger, Karelle Levy, Lissette Schaeffler, Alejandro Vigilante and Michael Williams.

Attitudes in Latitudes: The Northern Wild Explores the Tropics

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Attitudes in Latitudes: The Northern Wild Explores the Tropics

Curated by Ombretta Agró Andruff

Evin Collis | Aganetha & Richard Dyck | Erin Josephson-Laidlaw | Heather Komus |
Lucinda Linderman | Anja Marais | Ana Méndez | Andrew Nigon |
Christina Pettersson | Dominique Rey | Diana Thorneycroft | Antonia Wright

ON VIEW  March 14 – April 26, 2015
PREVIEW & ARTIST TALK  Saturday, March 14 | 7pm
OPENING RECEPTION  Wednesday, March 18 | 7-10pm
CURATOR WALKTHROUGH  Wednesday, April 8 | 7pm

Attitudes in Latitudes which spans over both the Richard Shack Gallery and Project 924 is the result of the curator’s research trip to Winnipeg. The exhibition that features six artists from the Canadian microcosm and six from Miami explores their strong, and yet sometimes peculiar connection to the landscape that surrounds them as well as the creatures, either real or invented, that inhabit it. Attitudes in Latitudes shows us how artists can teach us all to pay more attention to the majestic nature that surrounds us.

Ana Méndez will perform during the opening reception and curator walkthrough.

Everything Must Go


Everything Must Go
Presented by Jai-Alai Books and O, Miami

ON VIEW February 18 – March 4, 2015
OPENING RECEPTION February 18, 2015 | 6-10pm

Everything Must Go is a tribute to the corner unit that for so many years was anchored in American malls by corporate bookstores. As these chains folded and closed, what had been bursting bazaars became exhibitions of loss, the empty shelves resembling the picked-clean rib cages of beached whales. Entire job descriptions in the publishing industry have disappeared, along with a previously vibrant middle class of American authors. The phrases of clearance and closure echo with greater warnings to the cultural community at large. Can literature survive without capitalism’s consent? What would true emptiness in American literature look like?

ArtCenter’s Richard Shack Gallery | 800 Lincoln Road, Miami Beach



Presented in partnership with The Miami Watercolor Society

 ON VIEW  February 14 – April 5, 2015
OPENING RECEPTION  Wednesday, February 18 | 6-10pm

“Watercolor is a swim in the metaphysics of life… Let it be unpredictable and colorful.” – Anonymous

Presented in partnership with Miami Watercolor Society, Watermarks serves as a visual history of styles and the medium of watercolor itself. Although it is much older, watercolor’s history really begins during the Renaissance. Since then, the unpredictable and uncontrollable medium has been used in most styles ranging from realism to post-modernism, many of which are represented in this exhibition. With such diverse works, the selection and placement of pieces was an ambitious process in order to give each work its own voice. The search for relationships between the disparate works enabled fluidity in the exhibition like that of water itself.

ArtCenter’s 924 Lincoln Road, First Floor | Miami Beach, FL 33139

Chaos / Control


Chaos / Control | Carrie Sieh
Presented in partnership with O Cinema

ON VIEW February 12 – April 5, 2015
RECEPTION Thursday, February 19, 2015 | 6-9 PM

In this body of work, Sieh utilizes visual pattern as a means of thinking about memory, psychological inheritance and unconscious behavioral patterns. The embroidered spaces within each image represent the enactment and repetition—in intimate settings and relationships—of behaviors and patterns that are familial in origin. The patterns used are traditional ones—many of which have been in use since the mid-16th century.  As such, Sieh thinks of them as suggestive of family heirlooms, passed down through generations and heavy with an emotional momentum that can be difficult to disavow.

Carrie Sieh | Los Angeles, 1978  | Lives and works in Miami

Carrie Sieh is a mixed media artist whose mediums include painting, textiles, photography, and repurposed materials. Her practice focuses primarily on the roles of technology, psychology, and political economy in human behavior. Sieh’s work has been exhibited throughout the United States and collected internationally. She has exhibited at Miami International Airport, the Bienes Museum of the Modern Book, the Coral Gables Museum, MDC Museum of Art & Design, Charles Deering Estate, Art & Culture Center of Hollywood and David Castillo Gallery. Collections include Bernice Steinbaum (Miami), Mandy Patinkin & Kathryn Grody (NYC), James Hotel (Miami Beach), Leland Tea Company (San Francisco), Francie Bishop Good & David Horvitz (Fort Lauderdale) and private collections throughout the United States, Singapore and Uruguay. Sieh received a BA in Art, with a double focus on painting and photography, from the University of California at Santa Cruz. Her subsequent Master’s degree in Library and Information Science, from San Jose State University in California, informs the technological themes often present in her work.

O Cinema Wynwood | 90 NW 29th St, Miami, FL 33127

Alba Triana: Silent and Interactive Music


Alba Triana: Silent and Interactive Music

ON VIEW February 18 – March 8, 2015
Wednesday, February 18 | 6-10pm

Part of Subtropics XXIII, Miami’s experimental biennial of music and sound art.

This exhibition features the interactive musical installations of Alba Triana, inviting the public to experience music outside the traditional spectator role. Exploring an exchange of functions, the score is also the instrument, the instrument is played by the spectator, the spectator is also performer, the performer becomes coauthor, the author does not generate the piece, the piece is generated by the instrument, etc.

Two recent pieces from the series Musica Silente are premiered as part of this exhibit. These are works that experiment with sound and light vibrational and resonating phenomena in physical bodies.

Thnk you to Alba Triana technical advisors:Luis Fernando Henao, Christian Kook, Sebastián Gonzales, Juan Forero, Laz Ojalde, Luis Olazabal.

ArtCenter/South Florida’s Project 924 | 924 Lincoln Road, Second Floor, Miami Beach

Lincoln Road Jai Alai

JaiAlai Books Stack

Lincoln Road Jai Alai
Presented by O, Miami

ON VIEW February 18 – April 30, 2015
OPENING RECEPTION February 18, 2015 | 6-10pm

Lincoln Road Jai Alai is a temporary literary event space and promotional office for the sport of jai alai. Created by O, Miami and Jai-Alai BooksLincoln Road Jai Alai will educate visitors to Miami Beach on the historical importance of jai alai to Miami-Dade County and on the sport’s overwhelming aesthetic beauty. Simultaneously, the site will host intimate literary events that bring local cultural programming to one of Miami’s busiest pedestrian thoroughfares. Specially designed flyers will explain the game of jai alai as well as provide directions to the nearest operational fronton and daily schedules, and literary titles by Jai-Alai Books will be available for sale.

ArtCenter’s Studio #101 | 800 Lincoln Road, Miami Beach





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