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An evening of works-in-progress featuring works by

Susan Feliciano
Heloisa Botelho
Eric Thompson Green
Ariel Baron-Robbins
Pedro Figueredo
Sharon Weisfenning
Elysa Batista
Deming King Harriman
Tilly Strauss
Enma Saiz
Veronica Fazzio
Oscar Fuentes

Wednesday, November 4, 2015 | 8pm
ArtCenter/South Florida | 924 Lincoln Road #206

The Field Miami at ArtCenter/ South Florida presents Field Day, the culminating presentation of the FieldWork 8-week workshop led by Oscar Fuentes. FieldWork is a unique forum for artists to share developing creative works and exchange feedback, peer to peer. These works-in-progress are a journey in laughter that heals us all; travels in art history through the immortal beloved eyes of a dog; an exploration in designs; a trial and error in poetry & performance art; a sequence of snapshots; and postcard correspondence that will echo in a people to people state of mind.

About FieldWork
As a founding program of The Field, New York, this valuable method of feedback has been utilized and honed by artists for more than 20 years. The Field Miami is part of the Field Network, based in New York, a consortium of 11 satellite locations in the U.S. and Europe.

FieldWork is for any emerging, mid-career or established artist looking for a new way to develop new or existing work and bring insight to their creative processes by allowing exposure to other artists’ feedback. One of the founding principles of FieldWork is that it is not curated – any interested artist is able to participate. FieldWork offers artists an opportunity to try out new ideas and take risks.

FieldWork workshops afford artists a safe setting to receive honest and rigorous feedback about their art before it hits the stage or the wall.



Curated by Amalia Caputo + Marina Font
Presented in partnership with O Cinema
ON VIEW October 15 – November 22, 2015
OPENING RECEPTION Thursday, October 15 | 6-9pm

O Cinema Wynwood | 90 NW 29th St, Miami, FL 33127

ArtCenter alumnae artists Amalia Caputo + Marina Font developed 9TOPICS as a response to an invitation by the Girls’ Club Collection of Contemporary Art to coincide with their 2015 exhibition The Moment. The Backdrop. The Persona. Caputo + Font curated a long-term web-based photo project that would involve community participation worldwide. It consisted of an open call that sought monthly thematic submissions in relation to the interpretation of the SELF. Instagram being a borderless platform was the ideal channel to host this global initiative where artists from all walks of life could reach and participate in a collective yet intimate dialogue.

Aware of the constant bombardment of images that the world is facing, and where selfies abound, Caputo + Font questioned how do we represent the SELF without a selfie? Using Instagram, the artists sought to engage local and international communities to construct a thorough collective brainstorm of ideas that build up to define our existence in contemporary times. The resulting exhibition is a curated selection stemming from the 3000+ images that were submitted for all 9TOPICS. The monthly TOPICS were: Intimate Space, Corpus, Faith, Relationships, Psyche, Remembrance, Senses, Fluids and Me.

9TOPICS was conceived as a spin-off from their ongoing 2013 Instagram based project Instacorrespondences, originally presented at ArtCenter’s Project 924 exhibition space, which consists of a visual dialogue between Caputo + Font that explores the possibility to build, through a photo social media platform, a visual dialogue in the age of immediacy and hyper-connectivity.

Follow their threads: @9topicsgirlsclub @amaliacaputostudio @marinafontstudio #9topicsgirlsclub #correspondencias #instacorrespondences


Attitudes in Latitudes_front
Curated by Tami Katz-Freiman
On view through January 31, 2016
Preview & Artist Talk | Sunday, November 29 | 6-9pm
Opening Reception | Monday, November 30 | 7-10pm
VIP Breakfast Reception | Saturday, December 5 | 9am-12pm
Curator Walkthrough | Thursday, January 14 | 7pm
Closing Reception | Saturday, January 30 | 7-10pm

ArtCenter [Little River Edition] 7252 NW Miami Ct, Miami, FL 33150

Dina Shenhav
is preoccupied with the reciprocal relations between man and nature and with the complexity stemming from man’s status as both sovereign and subject in a variety of archaeological, ecological, political and social contexts. Known for creating immersive tableaux vivant-style installations, Israel-based Shenhav uses soft materials like ash or foam to sculpt powerful scenes of domestic and urban life and destruction. For the installation, D.O.A. (Dead on Arrival), whose title is borrowed from the police jargon used to describe a murder scene, Shenhav meticulously recreates a hunter’s cabin, complete with all of the tools of his trade: rifles, knives, guns, tree stumps, ammunition, traps, taxidermy deer heads and fur pelts. She sculpts each item individually using yellow mattress foam, and sets them within a meticulously detailed hunter’s shack crafted of the same material. Items from the hunter’s camp come together as an immersive environment, with every detail of his life and work—his boots, table, even the food on his plate—hand carved by the artist in the pliable yellow foam. Shenhav transforms the soft mattress foam, typically associated with the domestic realm, creating imagery and subject matter that has to do with masculinity, war, combat, or for this specific show, the world of the hunter.


Dina Shenhav | Jerusalem, 1968 | Lives and works in Israel
Working in large-scale installations, video, photography and painting, she earned her BFA from Hamidrasha School of Art and her MFA in Haifa University. She has exhibited in over 20 solo exhibitions and participated in numerous group exhibitions worldwide, among them: Arte Laguna, Arsenal of Venice; Israel Museum, Jerusalem; Helena Rubinstein Pavilion, Tel Aviv Museum of Art; Herzliya Museum of Contemporary Art; Martin-Gropius-Bau, Berlin; Kunstlerhaus Bethanien, Berlin; Middle East Center for the Arts (MECA), Jersey City; Art in General, New York; and Goethe-Institut, St. Petersburg.
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