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Studio Residency Program FAQs

ArtCenter/South Florida Studio Residency Program


If you have questions, please read these frequently asked questions (FAQs) BEFORE calling our office.

Questions regarding the Studio Residency Program and Eligibility:

Q: How long is the Studio Residency?
A: The Studio residency program runs from February until the end of December of each year. At the end of the first term artists may be invited to extend their residency one additional year; the maximum residency length is two years.

Q: Do you accept artists from other states and other countries?
A: Yes, we accept artists from throughout the United States and all other countries.

Q: Do you provide visas for international artists?
A: No, ArtCenter does not provide visas. However, we will provide international artists with an official letter of invitation that may be used to obtain a visa or other necessary documents.

Q: I have applied for a studio at ArtCenter before, do I need to apply again?
A: Yes.

Q: Will having had a studio at ArtCenter in the past help or hinder my chances of being selected?

A: No.

Q: I am interested in selling my work on Lincoln Road. Can I do that if I am accepted for a Studio Residency at ArtCenter?
A: If accepted, you may sell work out of your studio. However, if you are applying to the ArtCenter for this reason only, we recommend that you reconsider applying.
Q: I work with another artist as a collaborative team or artist collective. Do we need to apply separately?
A: No, a collaborative team may apply together and show their collaborative practice. If you wish to be considered as an individual artist separate from your collaborative, then individual work should be submitted.

Q: What if I am accepted, but I cannot move in right away?
A: The program will run from February 2018 to December 2018. Once accepted, all applicants will be expected to move in to their studios at the same time.

Q: Does ArtCenter have insurance that will cover my artwork in my studio?
A: No! We recommend that you get renter’s insurance and/or fine art insurance.

Q: When will I be notified of acceptance/rejection?
A: After all applications are received they will be reviewed by a selection committee. We expect to notify applicants by October 15.

Questions regarding the Application and Work Samples:

Q: I don’t have an account with Can I still apply for a Studio Residency?
A: You do need an account with them and it is free so please create one.

Q: I am having trouble with Where can I get help?
A: has an extensive Help Section. You can link to it here:
Q: Can I drop off my application at ArtCenter in person?
A: No. If you have very limited or no access to internet, then you should call our office, 305-674-8278.

Q: I have read through the FAQs and the application and I still have some questions before applying. May I call the office to see if I can have my questions answered?
A: Yes, of course. We are happy to answer any other questions that you may have. You can reach us at 305-674-8278.

Q: I am having issues uploading files. What should I do?
A: has a great webpage that can walk you through file upload process:

Q: My work is more suitably presented in video or audio format; can I upload a video or audio file instead?

A: While you can’t upload the files themselves, you can provide us with a link to a site where we can view or listen to your video or audio files (e.g.: YouTube, SoundCloud, Vimeo, etc.).

Q: Digital images don’t do my work justice. Can I bring my work to the office or gallery for review?

A: Nope.

Studio Residency Program 2018



Residency period: 11 months, beginning February 2018-December 2018, with the possibility of extending into a second full year term.

ArtCenter/South Florida is launching a call for its 2018 Studio Residency Program. The residency program will offer studio spaces at our Miami Beach location for exceptional visual artists, curators, and cultural practitioners working in a range of disciplines. In addition to engaging with a community of artists, visiting scholars, and institutional partners in Miami, ArtCenter Residents are provided the space from which to develop their practice and are invited to actively participate in ArtCenter’s programs such as exhibitions, public programming, studio visits, and our community outreach initiatives.


Residents receive:

  • Studio spaces between 175-600 square feet located on Miami Beach
  • Access to production funds for projects on a proposal basis
  • Free parking (based on availability)
  • Use of ArtCenter facilities including a flex lounge, workshop and PRINTshop
  • Opportunity to engage with curators, artists, visiting faculty members and ArtCenter Fellows as well as participate in studio visits, exhibitions, public programs, and community outreach initiatives.
  • Opportunity to engage and network with institutional partners in Miami and beyond such as The City of Miami Beach, Centro de Arte Dos de Mayo, and Es Baluard Museu d’Art Modern i Contemporani de Palma, among others.
  • Access to an expanded network of practitioners from a variety of fields
  • Wi-Fi access
  • 24-hour studio access
  • At the completion of program, access to ArtCenter alumni opportunities including grants, production support, and international residency opportunities


Monthly Membership fee: $100.00

ArtCenter is seeking cultural practitioners within and outside of Miami, Florida who:

  • Are in need of space and time to develop their practices and are committed to actively engage in ArtCenter/South Florida programming.
  • Are able to commit to working in her/his studio on a consistent basis.
  • Have the ability to commit to participate in exhibitions, public programming, studio visits, and our community outreach initiatives.
  • Are seeking to engage in Miami’s artist community and take advantage of Miami’s cultural offerings.



ArtCenter staff reviews applications to ensure completion and eligibility. Submissions are reviewed by a 5-member Honorary Advisory Committee. The Committee evaluates each candidate and selects finalists. Finalists are invited for a 30-minute, in-person, phone, or video conference interview to determine final selections.


A full application includes:

  1. Full contact information
  2. A short statement of intent addressing why you want to join ArtCenter’s Studio Residency Program and what you hope to accomplish over the course of one year (max 1,000 characters).
  3. A brief description of your practice/research (max 500 words).
  4. CV or resume
  5. Up to 10 images (or 10 pages of written material) of recent work
  6. Three references



ArtCenter’s Studio Residency Program does not cover housing, travel, or visa costs.

If you have additional questions, please contact the office at 305-674-8278 or via email at


To submit your application for the Studio Residency Program please click HERE.

For FAQ’s click here

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