Curated by Amalia Caputo + Marina Font
Presented in partnership with O Cinema
ON VIEW October 15 – November 22, 2015
OPENING RECEPTION Thursday, October 15 | 6-9pm

O Cinema Wynwood | 90 NW 29th St, Miami, FL 33127

ArtCenter alumnae artists Amalia Caputo + Marina Font developed 9TOPICS as a response to an invitation by the Girls’ Club Collection of Contemporary Art to coincide with their 2015 exhibition The Moment. The Backdrop. The Persona. Caputo + Font curated a long-term web-based photo project that would involve community participation worldwide. It consisted of an open call that sought monthly thematic submissions in relation to the interpretation of the SELF. Instagram being a borderless platform was the ideal channel to host this global initiative where artists from all walks of life could reach and participate in a collective yet intimate dialogue.

Aware of the constant bombardment of images that the world is facing, and where selfies abound, Caputo + Font questioned how do we represent the SELF without a selfie? Using Instagram, the artists sought to engage local and international communities to construct a thorough collective brainstorm of ideas that build up to define our existence in contemporary times. The resulting exhibition is a curated selection stemming from the 3000+ images that were submitted for all 9TOPICS. The monthly TOPICS were: Intimate Space, Corpus, Faith, Relationships, Psyche, Remembrance, Senses, Fluids and Me.

9TOPICS was conceived as a spin-off from their ongoing 2013 Instagram based project Instacorrespondences, originally presented at ArtCenter’s Project 924 exhibition space, which consists of a visual dialogue between Caputo + Font that explores the possibility to build, through a photo social media platform, a visual dialogue in the age of immediacy and hyper-connectivity.

Follow their threads: @9topicsgirlsclub @amaliacaputostudio @marinafontstudio #9topicsgirlsclub #correspondencias #instacorrespondences

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