Alba Triana: Silent and Interactive Music


Alba Triana: Silent and Interactive Music

ON VIEW February 18 – March 8, 2015
Wednesday, February 18 | 6-10pm

Part of Subtropics XXIII, Miami’s experimental biennial of music and sound art.

This exhibition features the interactive musical installations of Alba Triana, inviting the public to experience music outside the traditional spectator role. Exploring an exchange of functions, the score is also the instrument, the instrument is played by the spectator, the spectator is also performer, the performer becomes coauthor, the author does not generate the piece, the piece is generated by the instrument, etc.

Two recent pieces from the series Musica Silente are premiered as part of this exhibit. These are works that experiment with sound and light vibrational and resonating phenomena in physical bodies.

Thnk you to Alba Triana technical advisors:Luis Fernando Henao, Christian Kook, Sebastián Gonzales, Juan Forero, Laz Ojalde, Luis Olazabal.

ArtCenter/South Florida’s Project 924 | 924 Lincoln Road, Second Floor, Miami Beach

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