Architecture Now: Building Towards a Nomadic Future

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BFI presents Architecture Now: Building Towards a Nomadic Future
September 21, 2017 | 7:30-9:00 pm
ArtCenter/Downtown | 1035 N Miami Ave #300

Panelists: Brandi Reddick, Jason Chandler, Germaine Barnes, and Alexandra Cunningham Cameron
Moderated by: Naomi Fisher

This panel discussion brings together members of Miami’s architecture and cultural affairs community to discuss integrative ways to grow the city amidst the rising tide of development and displacement. Together, we will think through alternate funding structures, community needs, and holistic approaches to design build – ultimately brainstorming for BFI’s new nomadic platform to launch in 2018.

ArtCenter South Florida Studios: 924 Lincoln Road
Office: 924 Lincoln Road, Suite 205 | Miami Beach, FL 33139 | (p) 305.674.8278 (f) 305.674-8772