ARTIST TALK: Nayoung Jeong


ARTIST TALK: Nayoung Jeong
924 Lincoln Road, Studio #206

Join us Wednesday, January 6 at 6 P.M., for an Artist Talk with Nayoung Jeong before the STUDIOcrawl.

Jeong explores the subject of cultural displacement by seeking ways to claim ownership over a foreign place. When imprinting her body onto paper that has been extracted from a new territory, it is as though she is leaving her signature on this new location. Through this process, she claims her sense of ownership over a new location and asserts her presence in an unfamiliar place.

Jeong is currently working in a participatory project, which will contain and feature human fingerprints.

By imprinting her body onto the art piece, she not only feels safe, but also feels less alone and isolated. She is now linked and connected to this place.

Free & Open to the public.

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