Listening Club

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Wednesday, March 1, 2017 | 7:30 pm

Curator: Jennie Gottschalk
Audiotheque @ ArtCenter
924 Lincoln Road #201, Miami Beach

Composer and new music journalist Jennie Gottschalk will present a program of recorded and live music based on her latest book, Experimental Music Since 1970, as part of Audiotheque’s free Listening Club series.

This episode will feature live performances of Alvin Lucier’s Music for cello with one or more amplified vases and Gene Coleman’s The Geometry of Thinking by cellist Jason Calloway, and Malcolm Goldstein’s Jade Mountain Soundings by bassist Kyle Motl.

In addition to these live performances, the session will be an exploration of several topics in the book through the presentation of videos, recordings, and scores. The topics include silence, harmonic relations, finding hidden sound, the translation of shape to sound, and the exploration of the act of listening.

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The Listening Club is a series of monthly curated listening sessions produced by SFAC [isaw+subtropics] at Audiotheque that expose general audiences to listening experiences that foster a deeper understanding and enjoyment of sound.

Our aim is to promote auditory literacy and an expansion of the listening pallet, not in an academic setting, but in a relaxed and contemplative atmosphere conducive to developing a taste for new sound experiences—like those of experimental music and sound art typical of our other events.  Produced by at the Audiotheque, the Listening Club is like both, a gourmet restaurant for new culinary experiences in sound, and like a gym for training and opening our ears to listening in new ways.

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