Flooded Sanctuaries


Flooded Sanctuaries

On view March 1-March 19, 2017

Opening Reception March 1, 2017 | 7-10PM

Closing Reception March 19, 2017 | 7-9 PM

Organized by Sergio Vega, ArtCenter/South Florida Visiting Artist

Featuring works and performances by ArtCenter Studio Program Residents: Loren Abbate, John Henry Dale, Juan Pablo Garza, GeoVanna Gonzalez, Adler Guerrier, Alan Gutierrez, The Inertials, Elite Kedan, Laura Marsh, Jessica Martin, Portable Editions, Laurencia Strauss, and Joshua Veasey.

The recent resolution by Miami-Dade officials against upholding the denomination of Miami as sanctuary for illegal immigrants has already made its way into the artworks of ArtCenter’s residents. Laura Marsh’s text embroidered chairs, for example, suggest sanctuary for a subject positioned to wait for some resolution beyond her or his control. The chairs ironically speak to the coercive environment in which ideas of Nationalism and racial supremacy are implemented and promoted by excluding the rights of others. The fragile place designated to immigrants in the country’s current climate is also explored in Elite Kedan’s videos documenting falafel street vendors in NYC using LED displays to proclaim their allegiance to US nationalism.

South Florida’s status as a “Natural Sanctuary” can no longer be found in the form of a pristine natural environment. Instead this “sanctuary” is on the verge of being lost to pollution, overdevelopment and looming EPA deregulations. The normalization of environmental degradation and the effects of climate change are disclosed in Laurencia Strauss’ videos documenting the effects of high tides around the city. Adler Guerrier’s imagery explores the intersection of tropical nature as a paradigm of exuberance in contrast with the domestic environment of Miami’s neighborhoods, mapping the often-disjointed sites where the imaginary overlaps with daily life.

A specific form of theatricality seems to take place in the environment of South Beach, one in which the idea of Miami as a tropical construct sets the guidelines and expectations of social behavior, physical appearance and forms of display. Located on Lincoln Road, ArtCenter sits at the heart of this theater of self-exposure, a sort of consumerist sanctuary of artificiality and fashionability. In their staging of uneventful events, the theatricality of public spaces is critically explored by Alan Gutierrez’s filmed performance and Joshua Veasey sculptural display of urban debris.

The work of the above mentioned artists will be featured along with recent prints by Loren Abbate, sculptures by Juan Pablo Garza, a video installation by GeoVanna Gonzalez, paintings and live performance by Jessica Martin,  artists’ books and zines by Portable Editions (Juana Meneses and Leila A. Leder Kremer), and live performances by John Henry Dale and by The Inertials (a consortium of artists, broadcasters and theorists).

Monday – Friday:  12 (noon) – 6:00 pm
Saturday – Sunday:  12 (noon) – 8:00 pm



impromptu: culture at your own pace
Wednesday, February 14th | 7-9PM
Location: 924 Lincoln Road, Miami Beach
Free with RSVP.

impromptu is a bridge between the traditions of visual and musical art. One Wednesday evening each month from 7-9pm, New World Symphony Fellows perform in the ArtCenter. Unlike a conventional concert, admission is free, you won’t need a ticket, you can arrive at any time, sit or stand anywhere you like, and stay for 5 minutes or all night.

Upcoming dates:
Wednesday, March 14th | 7-9PM
Wednesday, April 4th | 7-9PM

Elite Kedan



Elite Kedan is an artist and architect based in Miami, Florida. Her hybrid practice explores the intersections of technologies and process, with human behavior, public space, historical context and meaning.

 Registered as an architect in the states of New York and Florida, she received a Bachelor of Architecture from Cornell University and a Master of Architecture in Urban Design from the Harvard Graduate School of Design. She has been awarded residencies at the Atlantic Center for the Arts (New Smyrna Beach, FL), the Artist in Residence in the Everglades program at Everglades National Park, FL and the School for Poetic Computation (New York, NY). She is the co-editor of Provisional: Emerging Modes of Architectural Practice USA, published by Princeton Architectural Press; and co-founder of Alliance of the Southern Triangle (A.S.T.), an art collaborative bridging speculation, geopolitics and climate change.

Studio #: 212

E-mail: ekedan@gmail.com

Website: info.elitekedan.com

Jessica Martin

Merging states of dimensionality and flatness, Jessica Martin’s paintings convey both layering and compression of time, with a nation of movement. Drawn from recognizable imagery in a combination of figures and landscapes, they become disorienting and unrecognizable from their source. Built up through layers of paint and overlaid with mark-making, the paintings become highly worked, creating new narratives of their source of imagery. Shifting between swiftness and bursting softness and aggression, frenetic mark making becomes a gesture of visual tempo that phases and echoes rhythmic compositions.

Studio #: 108

Joshua Veasey



Joshua Veasey is an interdisciplinary artist, working primarily in sculpture, photography and installation. His recent output is focused on dissecting the socioeconomic structure of the urban landscape. Documentation is a key factor in his process of object making, using image as a means to signify relationships between mobility, work, labor and the implications that further build those identities in society.

Veasey received a BFA in Sculpture from New World School of the Arts. His work has been shown throughout Florida, including exhibitions at ArtCenter/South Florida, Mindy Solomon Gallery, Gucci-Vuitton and the Cisneros Fontanals Art Foundation. He is also an active member of the collective Midnight Thrift, an artist-run nightlife thrift store.

Studio #: 202

E-mail: joshua.veasey@gmail.com

Website:  www.joshuaveasey.com

Rachael Rakes


Rachael Rakes is a curator, critic, and teacher from New York, currently working as an editor for the Brooklyn Rail, programmer at large for Film Society of Lincoln Center, and an editor at large for Verso Books. Rakes has recently contributed criticism to Art-Agenda, Artforum, and Ocula, and organized exhibitions for ISCP, Malmö Konsthall, and the Hessel Museum of Art. From 2010-2013, Rakes was Assistant Curator at the Museum of the Moving Image. With Leo Goldsmith, she teaches a course at Harvard Summer School called Documentary Aesthetics in Contemporary Art, and and is at work on a book on radical filmmaker Peter Watkins, which received a 2014 Creative Capital/Warhol Foundation Arts Writers Grant.

Website: http://rachaelrakes.com/

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Juan Ledesma


Juan Ledesma (b. 1988) lives and works in Miami, FL. His practice mines discourse rooted in the historic avant-garde and the way it has informed more current colloquial musical traditions. Ledesma is the co-founder of Goin’ Ghost, a platform for recording and releasing musical projects.

Website: https://goinghost.bandcamp.com/


Amir George


Amir George is a practicing alchemist working as a motion picture artist and film programmer. Amir creates work for the cinema, installation, and live performance. Born and bred in Chicago, his motion picture work and curated programs have been screened in festivals and galleries nationally, and internationally. In addition to founding Cinema Culture, a grassroots film programming organization, George is the co-curator of Black Radical Imagination, a touring experimental film series.

Website: http://amirgeorge.com/


Kayla Delacerda


[Hook — BJ the Chicago Kid:]

I’m just sitting in the studio just trying to get to you, baby

But this song so f***ing dope, girl, it’s hard not for me to blaze it

To tell the truth, wish it was you in this booth that I was blazing

So I’m just sitting in the studio just trying to get to you, baby

Kayla Delacerda was born in Miami in 1992. Her photography, sculpture, and video work has been shown throughout Miami since 2008. She is a founding member of Midnight Thrift, a nightlife thrift store established in 2015.


Zain Alam


Zain Alam is a storyteller and musician whose work explores South Asian artistic traditions, transnational movements in the Islamic world, and diasporic identity in the U.S. Raised in Kennesaw, GA, he graduated from Wesleyan University where he wrote a thesis on the makings of an Indian Muslim and muhajir diaspora after Partition. He returned to India on the AIF Clinton fellowship as a story scholar for the 1947 Partition Archive. During this time, he wrote the songs that grew into the NYC-based band and recording project, Humeysha. He is presently a graduate student of Islamic studies at Harvard University, seeking to enrich the aesthetic and conceptual processes behind his creative endeavors.

Website: http://humeysha.com/


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