Bookleggers Reading Room


Bookleggers Reading Room
March 7-April 30, 2015
ArtCenter/South Florida | 810 Lincoln Road #101, Miami Beach

Bookleggers is a community mobile library based out of South Florida. They set up at rotating venues once a month and give away free books to the public. For those who are new to Bookleggers, the rules are simple: 1) everyone gets one book for free; 2) trades are accepted, a book for a book; and 3) each additional book is $2. As of 2015, Bookleggers Library operates with the generous funding from the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation.

The Bookleggers Reading Room at ArtCenter/South Florida runs on the honor system. Please respect the library and take just one book per person. Do not abuse the library. Bookleggers takes seriously its duty to protect and re-distribute the books of this community, and we hope that those taking a book will honor this request. The Bookleggers Reading Room at ArtCenter/South Florida is here until the doors of ArtCenter’s 800-810 building close providing the visitors with a place to stop, rest and read.


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