Estructuras de la Razón

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Estructuras de la Razón
Adrián S. Bará

ON VIEW November 18, 2017 – January 28, 2018
Windows @ Walgreens | 7340 Collins Ave, Miami Beach

This site-specific tableau is part of Adrián S. Bará’s ongoing engagement with physical and social infrastructure aesthetics. Mixing building materials like sheetrock, bricks, and cement, with display structures like metal armatures and screens, the scenes created in Estructuras de la Razón [Structures of Reason] suggest a construction or deconstruction about to take place. Instead, in their stillness, they refer to the built landscape being in a state of constant change, and foreground the materials behind this condition.

Accompanying these materials are still images of bodies, culled from magazines and digital media, then distorted and blown-up, as well as hybrid sculptures made from found materials. A video sets yet another scene, where a set of structures–an area of grills arranged in a park–awaits a community to gather around them. Staged together as a display, this installation depicts the diverse mix of elements, and the multitude of aesthetic decisions, that form the rationality of daily existence. Finally, as a display of what might seem like a work under construction, Estructuras de la Razón questions the acquiescence to an image dominant, airbrush-directed present, in which human bodies are always in dim comparison to what they seem in the images that portray them. From this position, we are surrounded by depictions of an anxiety of the finished, of the polished, of the post-, while trudging through the dust of continual reconstruction. -Rachael Rakes


ArtCenter South Florida Studios: 924 Lincoln Road
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