Mapping Time and Space
February 24 –April 1
Curated by Lauren Wagner: Rosa Naday Garmendia, Carrie Sieh, Jake Margolin & Nick Vaughan, Lucinda Linderman, Regina Jestrow, and Amanda Serrano.The artists consider and execute alternative and experimental ways of conceptualizing the map, its meanings and its uses; converting the utilitarian object to a philosophical gateway.

Potential Amendments
January 6 – February 19
Jenny Brillhart, Vincent Hemphill, Moira Holohan

This show is based in structure, form, and mark making. All three artists work within made and found forms, conceiving possibilities that allow for reworking, acknowledged errors, purpose and process. Vincent and Jenny uniquely employ architectural spaces as the starting point for their compositions and then allow the paintings and drawings to build on and take from the initial structure. Moira constructs mixed media sculptures which also propose to function as architecture, in that they house her related video work.  The built forms respond to the video animations as a tactile reinforcement for the concepts of the video animations.

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