Everything good I have is from a long time ago


Everything good I have is from a long time ago
Miranda Burns
ON VIEW June 25 – August 21, 2016
924 Vitrine | 924 Lincoln Road, Miami Beach

Miranda Burns’ Everything good I have is from a long time ago is a visual odyssey exploring the last phase of her mother’s battle with cancer. In this installation, the vitrine is transformed into a domestic bunker that depicts her mother’s combative response toward the disease and the anticipation of death over the course of 11 years. The enclosure is a space that simultaneously contains her efforts to hide from cancer, to confront it, and to stay alive as long as possible.

Burns curates her mother’s embodiment in the space through the perspective of artist and daughter, treating her personal items and photographs as though she still occupied their use. At once a visual homage or, as she describes it, a lucid coming to terms, the domestic bunker is an exercise in representing absence and imagining answers to questions that linger long after personal loss.

Miranda Burns | Zephyrhills, 1990 | Lives and works in Miami
Burns graduated with a BFA of Fine Arts from Ringling College of Art + Design in 2014. Her rural surroundings in Central Florida and interest in 80s cult slasher films have influenced a body of work in drawing, painting and installation. Her practice can be seen as a passive aggressive response to a narrative of vulnerability where intimacy, detachment, environment and longing often recur. Burns’ work is characterized as bratty, sometimes darkly articulated, seeking abrasive conversations through a maelstrom of material applications that translate in to a tonality of bitter tenderness to the viewer.


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