Session E:

Refuge for the Shipwrecked: Workshop with Raqs Media Collective

‘Refuge for the Shipwrecked’ is not a salvage mission after the storm. ‘Refuge’ is from within the storm and takes the history of ‘refuges for shipwrecked sailors’ in the Miami area as a peg for thinking about what it means for us to transform art, and practices of the imagination more generally, into havens and refuges in an increasingly uncertain world. The workshop will consider currents, depths, reefs, islands, coastlines, storms, death-ships, shipwrecks and figures such as survivors, stowaways and the shipwrecked sailor as metaphors for thinking through the contemporary condition and the potentiality of art practice. The workshop will feature reading aloud, improvised forms of practice and explorations of the coastline of Miami, and of the imagination.

Suggested Readings and References

The Shipwreck, from Cape Cod, by Henry David Thoreau

Miami by Joan Didion

The Story of a Shipwrecked Sailor by Gabriel Garcia Marquez

The Shipwrecked Sailor in Arabic and Western Literature: Ibn Tufayl and His Influence on European Writers by Mahmoud Baroud

Left to Die Boat by Forensic Oceanography (video)

Jeebesh Bagchi, b. 1965, New Delhi, India
Monica Narula, b. 1969, New Delhi, India
Shuddhabrata Sengupta, b. 1968, New Delhi, India

Raqs Media Collective have been variously described as artists, media practitioners, curators, researchers, editors and catalysts of cultural processes. Their work, which has been exhibited widely in major international spaces, locates them in the intersections of contemporary art, historical enquiry, philosophical speculation, research and theory – often taking the form of installations, online and offline media objects, performances and encounters. They live and work in Delhi, based at Sarai-CSDS, an initiative they co-founded in 2000. They are members of the editorial collective of the Sarai Reader series.