Fidel Garcia


Fidel Garcia
Residency Dates: August 4 – September 30, 2016

Living and working in Havana, Fidel Garcia is a graduate of the National Academy of Fine Arts, San Alejandro, Havana, CU, in 2002. He graduated from the Department of Art (Directed by artist Tania Brugera), Havana, CU in 2005 and the Higher Institute of Art, Havana, CU, in 2008. From that date forward, Garcia developed his work through residency programs as Rijksakademie van beeldende Kunsten, Amsterdam, NL in 2011, Residence Organhaus (Triangle Arts Trust), Chongqing, CN in 2009 and the Residence Learning Site (Group N 55), (Prince Claus Fund), Copenhagen, DK.  Fidel participated in both solo and group exhibitions, workshops and Biennials, including ‘to break the walls’, National Museum of Fine Arts, Havana, CU in 2013, 2011 ‘James Reid printshop’ ArtLab21, Bonn, DE in 2011, ‘XII Biennal of Havana’, Contemporary Center of Art Wilfredo Lam, Havana, CU, or ‘Global Control and Censorship’ ‘Globale’, ZKM Media Museum (Zentrum fur Kunst und Medientechnologie), Karlsruhe, DE both in 2015.

Fidel Garcia utilizes art as a platform, by means of various tools, fields of knowledge, phenomena: all external agents of art, that work inside of the power and control structures. They allow his work to generate a discourse, which puts in crisis their own recourses, thus, it detonates the pillars of their specific systems.

Some specific themes/strategies of interest in Garcia’s research, out of which he has developed several pieces, are: territorial control; failures or mistakes in mechanisms of control, such as telecommunications; the nature of different fluxes of information, as media for building Reality and strategies used to destabilize systems.

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