Field Day

HillRollForImage_ariel_Baron_RobbinsAriel Baron-Robbins | Hill Roll 1, 40″ x 60″, digital print, 2014

An evening of works-in-progress featuring works by
John DeFaro, Susan Feliciano, Oscar Fuentes, Rosa Naday Garmendia, Ralphy Love, Kelly McNulty and Sharon Weisfenning

Saturday, April 4, 2015 | 8pm & 9pm
ArtCenter/South Florida | 810 Lincoln Road #201

The Field Miami at ArtCenter/South Florida presents Field Day, the culminating presentation of the FieldWork 8-week workshop led by Oscar Fuentes. FieldWork is a unique forum for artists to share developing creative works and exchange feedback, peer to peer. These works-in-progress are a journey in laughter that heals us all; travels in art history through the immortal beloved eyes of a dog; an exploration in designs; a trial and error in poetry & performance art; a sequence of snapshots; and postcard correspondence that will echo in a people to people state of mind.

About FieldWork
As a founding program of The Field, New York, this valuable method of feedback has been utilized and honed by artists for more than 20 years. The Field Miami is part of the Field Network, based in New York, a consortium of 11 satellite locations in the U.S. and Europe.

FieldWork is for any emerging, mid-career or established artist looking for a new way to develop new or existing work and bring insight to their creative processes by allowing exposure to other artists’ feedback. One of the founding principles of FieldWork is that it is not curated – any interested artist is able to participate. FieldWork offers artists an opportunity to try out new ideas and take risks. FieldWork workshops afford artists a safe setting to receive honest and rigorous feedback about their art before it hits the stage or the wall.


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