Film screening AN OBJECT


Film Screening: AN OBJECT
December 12, 2017 | 7PM
Miami Beach Cinematheque | 1130 Washington Ave, Miami Beach
Free with RSVP

AN OBJECT is a program mixing contemporary and historical works on material abstraction, geometry, shape, and color curated by Rachael Rakes as part of the exhibition On Documentary Abstraction. Featuring films by Madison Brookshire and Tashi Wada, Magdalena Fernández, Pierre Hébert, and Manuela de Laborde.

As Without So Within, Manuela de Laborde, 2016, 25 min

A meditation on the dreamlife of abstract objects, set to a minimalist soundtrack, As Without So Within maximizes the saturated colours and textures of 16mm film, creating a theatrical setting to center shape and materiality.

Around Perception, Pierre Hébert, 1968, 15 mins

“For the mind and against the mind,” this groundbreaking experimental film by legendary animator Pierre Hébert is a forceful work of pure shape-driven abstraction. It is structured according to eleven audiovisual “events” that challenge and unsettle perceptive human faculties.

As Water is in Water, Madison Brookshire and Tashi Wada 2017, 31 minutes (US Premiere)

Paintings collide to produce panels of time distended with space, set to music by Tashi Wada. While the score is spare, the image is excessive, the meter working with and against the imagery. The picture is made from paint-soaked 16mm film strips, reinterpreted with a digital camera, edited to cycle in short, hallucinatory loops, forming eerie abstract thaumatropes.

1pmS011, Magdelena Fernández, 2011, 7 mins

This work animates and deconstructs the iconic work of abstract artist Jesús Rafael Soto through movement and score. Animal sounds accompany the visual unlayering of white dots found in Soto’s collage in an increasingly radical way that makes the viewer conscious of an “awakened” multisensorial experience within an ever more complex environment.

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