From Buenos Aires to Miami

From_Buenos_Aires_to_Miami-600x400From Buenos Aires to Miami
Santiago G. Quesnel | Ana Clara Soler

In partnership with PANAL 361

ON VIEW  September 20– November 3, 2013

924 Vitrine | 924 Lincoln Road, Miami Beach, FL 33139

As part of a visiting artists pilot program with PANAL 361 (Buenos Aires, Argentina), Santiago G. Quesnel and Ana Clara Soler were in residence this summer at ArtCenter/South Florida. They left the unusually cold winter climate of Buenos Aires and arrived in the hot, humid weather of Miami. Their time in Miami Beach influenced their color palette and subject matter. Tropical landscapes and objects adorn Quesnel’s paintings and Soler’s watercolors. The partnership with Panal 361 will officially launch in 2014 with the support of a grant from Miami-Dade County Department of Cultural Affairs, the Cultural Affairs Council and the Miami-Dade Mayor and the Board of County Commissioners.

ArtCenter South Florida Studios: 924 Lincoln Road
Office: 924 Lincoln Road, Suite 205 | Miami Beach, FL 33139 | (p) 305.674.8278 (f) 305.674-8772