Gender & Patterns: An Unanswered Question

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Gender and Patterns: an unanswered question | Veronica Fazzio

ON VIEW through April 30, 2015
OPENING & PERFORMANCE April 4, 2015 | 7-10pm

ArtCenter/South Florida | 810 Lincoln Road #203, Miami Beach

In this installation work, Fazzio explores the traditional role of the female set by societal norms dictated by religious attitudes. She uses icons from the faith she is most familiar with as representative of all religions. Fazzio presents popular religious images of female saints and virgins juxtaposed with images of war as a metaphor for the different behavioral patterns set by cultural mandates unconsciously followed by each gender. During the April Studio Crawl, Fazzio’s performance will incorporate movement inspired by Japanese butoh reflecting this lack of consciousness.

Veronica Fazzio | 1972, Buenos Aires | Lives and works in Miami Beach
Veronica Fazzio is a mixed media installation artist whose works in sculpture, textiles, photography & video. Her work focuses on gender, sociology and psychology intertwined with autobiographical experiences. Fazzio’s work has been exhibited throughout Argentina, Italy, Norway and the United States. She studied at Escuela Nacional de Bellas Artes in Buenos Aires and received her MFA from AI Miami International University of Art and Design.



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