HYPERSTITION: Truth is Science is Fiction


HYPERSTITION: Truth is Science is Fiction
Screening and Q&A with theorist Armen Avanessian
Saturday, October 1 | 12 pm

A film on time and narrative by Christopher Roth with Armen Avanessian.

Hyperstitional thinking hijacks the present-forming daring interventions into conditions of cybernetic governance that foreclose contingency. Hyperstitions are not imaginary, they are virtual fictions situated in the chaotic unfolding of the Real. Philosophical hyperstitions bring about their own reality. Hyperstition materializes the future as it leaks from beyond the threshold of comprehension.

Christopher Roth’s and Armen Avanessian’s HYPERSTITION is a filmic involution into the narratives and temporalities that both condition and resist the accelerating tempos of global capitalism. It is a film about time and narrative, speculative realism and accelerationism, transmodernism and xeno-feminism (featuring Ray Brassier, Iain Grant, Helen Hester and many others). Tread carefully: the deterritorializing intensity of machinic desire and speculative thinking may not be safe for some viewers.

Featuring: Armen Avanessian, Elie Ayache, Ray Brassier, Iain Hamilton Grant, Helen Hester, Deneb Kozikoski, Robin Mackay, Steven Shaviro, Benedict Singleton, Nick Srnicek, Christopher K. Thomas, Agatha Wara, Pete Wolfendale, and Suhail Malik (2026).

Appearences: J.G. Ballard, Nick Land, Philipp Lahm, Quentin Meillassoux, Reza Negarestani, Patricia Reed, Tom Streidl, James Trafford, Jeanne Tremsal, Alex Williams, and Slavoj Zizek

1035 N. Miami Ave #300, Miami

Film Christopher Roth with Armen Avanessian
Drawings Andreas Töpfer

Intermissions 2026: Diann Bauer
Music Cosimo Barnet

ArtCenter South Florida Studios: 924 Lincoln Road
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