Lecture with Laura McLean-Ferris


Wednesday, September 28, 2016 |  7 PM
Free Entry

ArtCenter/Downtown Miami
1035 N Miami Ave #300
Miami, FL 33136

Join us for a lecture with the Miami Rail’s 18th Visiting Writer Laura McLean-Ferris of the Swiss Institute at ArtCenter/South Florida’s Downtown Location.

The words empathy and narcissism are locked into the intermittent flashing spin of an alarm signal: manifestations of confusion in the current climate. From Pokémon Go to Trumpian speech, from filter bubbles to safe spaces, there is a sense that the shared public space of politics is more and more evacuated each day, and so we are left with an endless succession of overlapping realities that do not always care to meet each other, or do not even notice that they don’t. Discussing the works of artists including Jean Luc Moulène and Ellen Cantor, writer and curator Laura McLean-Ferris will discuss the importance of thinking through the nuances of the personal and the unfamiliar in art and writing.

Laura McLean-Ferris is a writer and curator based in New York. She is the Adjunct Curator at the Swiss Institute / Contemporary Art. Her recent exhibitions include Our Lacustrine Cities, featuring work by Anne Imhof, Nancy Lupo, Liz Magor, & Hayley Silverman, at Chapter NY and Columbidae at Cell Project Space, featuring work by Essex Olivares, Mélanie Matranga, Barbara T. Smith & Dena Yago. She has contributed essays, criticism and interviews to Artforum, ArtReview, Frieze, Art Agenda, Art Monthly, Flash Art International and Mousse.

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