Listening Gallery




PRIMARILY … a public art listening project artist-driven by Gustavo Matamoros that transforms the facade of ArtCenter/South Florida into a surround sound instrument that broadcasts new works of sound art by Subtropics artists nonstop from under the awnings out to millions of unsuspecting Lincoln Road visitors

SECONDARILY … a showcase for content from iSAW’s Experimental Intermedia Art Collection and Archive, as well as collaborations with ArtCenter/South Florida, New World Symphony (Impromptu), Bass Museum of Art (Temporary-Contemporary), Face2Face Video Lab, and others

The Listening Gallery on Lincoln Road is South Florida’s first multichannel sound art lab for the creative engagement of acoustical public space.

The idea began in 2009 as an individual artist commission to Gustavo Matamoros from the ArtCenter. It soon evolved into a community design project with a Knight Arts Challenge grant from the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation, awarded to SFCA [] for the installation and operation of the project under the direction of the artist.  Since November 5, 2011, Listening Gallery has served over the 7 million people estimated to visit Lincoln Road annually.

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