Mark Lee Koven

ARTSail Resident – December 2016

The Utah-based artist will use the residency to continue working on his traveling project Taking One’s Temperature comprising of an interactive and participatory installation that integrates scientific data collection, contemporary educational models, and technology with the arts. During his time in Miami the artist will collect footage for a film exploring Miami’s natural environment and its challenges to be featured as an immersive 360-degree surround sound and video escape within a mobile planetarium dome. The installation will take place in the fall 2017/spring 2018.

Since earning a Masters of Fine Arts in digital media from the University of Miami in 2005, Mark Lee Koven has worked as an interdisciplinary artist whose research merges materials and processes of art with those of science. Mr. Koven’s work has shown in over 100 exhibitions and venues such as the New York Science Museum, StoreFront for Art and Architecture, New York,: FlashArt Milan: Miami Science Museum: Southern Exposure, San Francisco: Taipei, Taiwan, and Scope London. Mr. Koven’s work is also included in various public and private collections including the Perez Art Museum, the Frost Art Museum, and the Museum of Contemporary Art. In addition to being the recipient of both a Florida State individual artist fellowship and North Carolina individual artists fellowship, Koven received two National Scholastics Art & Writing Teacher Awards and a National Endowment for the Arts (NEA) grant in 2015 for creating an integrated Art and Science public art work. Utilizing a wide range of mediums including bioluminescent fungi, SEM imagery, and reactive computer interfaced installations, his subjects of research comprise: anthropological behaviors, data collection/visualization, renewable energy, and micro/macro environments. Mr. Mark Lee Koven is currently an Assistant Professor in the Applied Sciences and Technology department at Utah State University and Director of ARTsySTEM, a program that focuses on collaboration and integration between the Arts and STEM fields.


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