Eugenia Calvo | Babette Herschberger | Regina Jestrow | Laz Ojalde (LMNOQ) | Kerry Phillips | Frances Trombly | Gerbi Tsesarskaia | Michelle Weinberg

OPENING RECEPTION  Wednesday, March 27, 2013 | 6-10pm

ON VIEW  March 23 – May 26, 2013

The Richard Shack Gallery | 800 Lincoln Road, Miami Beach

Multiplicity is defined as the quality or state of being multiple or various. The artists in this exhibition do not work with the quantitative notion of the word but rather examine the multiple uses of materials and their transformative quality to take on a range of meanings and functions. Whether they are found objects, recycled trash or simple materials utilized in daily life, the artists challenge, re-use and re-invent them in the creation of sculptural pieces, paintings, installations and photographs that reveal their aesthetic qualities and reference the personal context in which they were made.




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