ARTSail Residency & Research program update

ArtCenter strives to be at the forefront of innovative opportunities for artists and cultural practitioners. In 2016 ArtCenter launched the ARTSail Residency & Research program thanks in part to a Knight Arts Challenge award from the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation. In collaboration with the Frost Science Museum, the Impossible Dream and the Sea Lion Vessel, we have supported three ARTSail residents this year on their research endeavors: Mark Lee Koven, Blanca de la Torre and Simon Faithfull.

We are looking forward to how their contributions continue to unfold and shape ARTSail in the future. Mark and Simon are scheduled to return in 2018 for the second part of their residency.

Mark Lee Koven

Mark’s project consists of collecting footage of South Florida’s natural environment and its challenges which will be presented through an interactive and participatory installation that merges scientific data collection, contemporary educational models, and technology with the arts.


Blanca de la Torre
During her residency, Blanca led a public lecture and workshop on Eco-aesthetics, performed studio visits with ArtCenter resident artists and Alumni Xavier Cortada, Agustina Woodgate and many others. Her research project consists of an in-depth study on sustainable strategies applied to artistic practices.

Dome House_Simon_Faithfull3

Simon Faithfull

Simon’s project consists of exploring South Florida’s coastal and interior environments to create a series of performances (video recorded) that cast a figure from the post-Anthropocene adrift in the tropical landscape. Simon’s site visits include the Everglades and the famed Dome House at Cape Romano, a victim of erosion and sea level rise.
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