Open Studio Night


Open Studio Night @ ArtCenter/Downtown
Tuesday, October 11 | 6:30 – 9:00pm

ArtCenter/Downtown resident and visiting artists will open their studios to the public. Open Studio Night will also feature a lecture by visiting artist Goran Petrovic Lotina, a presentation by visiting artist Tracy Peters and a video installation by Monica McGivern. Complimentary drinks and snacks.

The program

Visiting artist Tracy Peters (Winnipeg, Canada) will talk about her immersive studio practice and her investigations into the fluctuations of time, space, light and weather on multiple media. Peters will expand on her photo-based site-specific installations that involve gathering, interpreting and re-using structural elements in collaboration with outdoor environments. During her residency, Peters will continue to research volatile weather systems, eroding landscapes and emotive tide lines. Peters is part of the International Cultural Exchange program with partner organization MAWA Mentoring Artists for Women’s Art.

Art theorist, writer and curator, Goran Petrovic Lotina, will present What Does it Mean for Art to be Political? In this lecture, Goran will discuss the role of art — art theory, art practice and art institutions — within the context of the EU’s present predicaments, such as the economic and refugee crisis, animosity towards the EU institutions and the increasing number of protest movements.

Monica McGivern is a multi-disciplinary artist whose work seeks to raise awareness of the power of voice through independent media documentation and activations. This particular work allows the viewer a visceral interaction within a four channel video installation of the protest by the Black Lives Matter movement at the steps of the Dade County Courthouse in Miami, Florida.

Javier Castro will open his studio to visitors. Castro’s videos are guided by an anthropological gaze. He trains his camera on scenes that take place in marginal areas of Havana, as a way to understand the modes of survival that organize social life and how these are manifested in language, sexuality, violence, improvisation, and other behaviors.

Free & Open to the public.

Location: 1035 N Miami Ave #300, Miami, FL

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