RECESS: Art, Pedagogy, and the Social Sphere

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March 22 & 23, 2017

Organized by ArtCenter/South Florida and hosted by Pérez Art Museum Miami

Over the past year ArtCenter/South Florida has convened a series of meetings with curators, artists, gallerists, educators, and cultural leaders from within and outside of Miami to think together about the role of education in forming and reshaping the institutions that we occupy. The questions asked and the lessons learned are the basis for RECESS: Art, Pedagogy, and the Social Sphere. This 2-day forum relies on the idea of recess–a break from official proceedings–to assess institutional intentions and share strategies for creating horizons of possibility with art and education.

Toward Study: Steering and Reimagining Institutions
By Invitation Only

March 22, 4:30PM

This roundtable conversation will hone in on the role of education in re-imagining art institutions to better respond, reflect and speak to their contemporary realities. The participants will not only discuss the pressures institutions are directly responding to in relation to art and education (student loan debt, lack of critical engagement, access to knowledge, diversity, etc.) but will also elaborate on curricula, collaborative networks, exchanges and other strategies they enlist in the process.

Maria del Valle, Executive Director, ArtCenter/South Florida
Gordon Knox, President, San Francisco Art Institute
René Morales, Curator, Pérez Art Museum Miami
Gean Moreno, Curator of Programs, ICA Miami

Respondent: Jarrett Earnest, Faculty Liaison, Bruce High Quality Foundation University



Research Vectored Into Action
Public Program

March 23, 7:00 PM
Location: Pérez Art Museum Miami, Auditorium
1103 Biscayne Blvd, Miami, FL 33132
Free with PAMM Admission

Building upon some of the questions and strategies addressed in day 1, Research Vectored Into Action presents a variety of programmatic outputs that have resulted from rethinking what can be done with institutional forms. The conversation specifically addresses the way in which education (in particular in the arts) responds to and attempts to act upon the social and political configurations organizing our present day both within and outside of culture.

Moderator: Rachael Rakes, ArtCenter MFU: Miami Fellow
Seth Cameron, President, Bruce High Quality Foundation University
Javier Duero, Director of Studies, Les Clíniques d’Es Baluard Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art in Palma de Mallorca
Fonna Forman & Teddy Cruz, Directors, UCSD Cross-Border Initiative
Mohammad Salemy, Organizer, The New Centre for Research & Practice
Natalia Zuluaga, Artistic Director, ArtCenter/South Florida

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