Rental Policies


All the events held at the ArtCenter must be confirmed in advance with the office and must comply with the ArtCenter Facility guidelines and Agreement Contract.

Since ArtCenter is an active arts exhibition space, we cannot predict what artwork will be installed in future gallery shows. All rentals will be subject to floor availability and the unpredictable nature of the artworks on display. Any changes to the exhibition layout will need to be approved in advance with the Event Rental Manager and the Artistic Director. An art-handling fee will be charged for major changes in exhibition layout. Artwork is to be moved by ArtCenter staff members only.

All tables must be at least 24” from freestanding art and gallery walls. Table arrangements will be worked out in advance with the Event Rental Manager. Catering services must be approved by the Event Rental manager.

General Liability Insurance Requirement

A general liability insurance policy with a minimum of $1,000,000 in coverage may be required to be in force during that event, inclusive of set- up and strike.  If the User is unable to provide such insurance, ArtCenter reserves the right to secure coverage for the event under its own policy, passing along the relevant cost to the User. Required groups failing to provide proof of insurance no later than 15 days prior to the start of their event will have their reservations cancelled and will be charged the $200 administrative fee.

Renter is responsible and liable for the actions of all subcontractors such as entertainers, caterers, florists, rental equipment personnel, etc. and is responsible for ensuring that all subcontractors are aware of ArtCenter’s Rules and Regulations which apply to their work in the rented facility. If liquor is served, an appropriate liquor license must be obtained by renter and displayed at event.

All third party vendors contracted by the renter to provide services for the event, are expected to carry liability insurance coverage. Proof of such coverage may be requested prior to allowing vendor to work in the facility.


All events are subject to availability. Please contact ArtCenter to know about availability and rental fees. If a preferred date is available, ArtCenter will place a tentative hold on that date. A rental agreement will then be expedited. Once ArtCenter has received the deposit and signed contract, the date is confirmed.

A complete rental agreement terms will be explained in detail to the user at the time of the rental contract signing.

Payment schedule

A deposit representing 50% of rental fee is due when reservations are confirmed. The remaining 50% of the rental fee, the $150 (if required), and the $500 security deposit is due 30 days before the event. Reservations without deposit are considered tentative and are subject to cancellation.


Cancelation|Refund Policy

To receive refund of deposit, notice of cancellation must be received in writing by the Executive Director’s office until 30 days prior to the event. Cancellations made within 30 days of the scheduled date forfeit the full amount of the deposit. If cancellation is made 15 days before the event, renter is financially responsible for total amount of rental fee.

Events personnel

Unless otherwise noted and agreed upon, ArtCenter provides only the site, gallery supervision, and general housekeeping services related to the facility only. The renter shall provide all services such as catering, rental tables and chairs, etc.

Deliveries must be accepted by the renter or caterer, not by ArtCenter staff.

Renter is responsible for ensuring that their subcontractors provide sufficient extension cords, electrical panels, etc. to cover event’s electrical needs.

The Executive Director must approve any auction, sale, games of chance, or other such fund raising ventures.

The Executive Director and Facilities Manager must be advised when valet parking has been arranged.

Event photography and/or video is permitted but restricted only to include people at the event. No photography is to be taken of the artwork without the express written permission of the artist.


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