Report from Miami


Publication Presentation: Report from Miami
Thursday, February 25, 2016 | 7pm
ArtCenter’s Project 924
924 Lincoln Road, Second Floor, Miami Beach

Join Massimo Ghirardini and ArtCenter/South Florida’s alumna Karina Chechik for the presentation of Report from Miami, a comprehensive guide to understanding the world of the arts in Miami. It is a celebration of Miami-based artists, architects, collectors and art lovers.

Report from Miami is a special issue published by the Italian art, architecture and design magazine Spazi dell’Arte Contemporanea. It gives a complete overview of the development of contemporary art in Miami, by touring the wide variety of public and private art institutions, artists and agents of change within Miami’s culture. Its intention is also to document the city’s most important cultural events of the past 40 years, by reflecting on the history that has laid the foundation for Miami’s transformation into a metropolis and a mecca of contemporary art.

Spazi dell’ Arte Contemporanea is an Italian magazine published by Cavalieri del Nord Ovest, a not-for-profit institution, that focuses on contemporary art, architecture and design from an Italian perspective. Spazi dell’Arte Contemporanea expanded to new horizons by publishing special issues featuring cities and their artistic history—like Report from Miami.

Besides the printed edition, the magazine has a web version you can visit at


This event is free and open to the public.

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