Session A

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Session A: TQ/Latinx Futures – Workshop with micha cárdenas  


September 12th-16th
September 17th, Public Workshop Presentation (details to be determined with participants)
Location: ArtCenter/South Florida, 924 Lincoln Road

Trans and Queer Latinx futures (TQ/Latinx) gesture towards horizons free from colonial borders of gender, sexuality or nationality. The Orlando massacre at the Pulse nightclub escalates a deeply disturbing trend of murders of trans and queer people of color, demonstrating a violent backlash against the massive advances that we are making every day towards liberation. In this course, participants will engage with the work of trans and queer latinx theorists and artists including Gloria Anzaldúa, Jose Muñoz, Juana Maria Rodriguez, Sylvia Rivera, Mapa Teatro and Giuseppe Campuzano. From this basis, participants will create performative enactments of their visions of TQ/Latinx Futures using the city of Miami as a utopian/dystopian backdrop, and as co-constitutive with our thinking. Grounding our reflection in place follows Anzaldúa’s method of borderlands consciousness, which inspired Walter Mignolo’s formulation of decolonial Geo-Body-Politics summarized in the phrase “I am where I think”. These performances may include video and interactive elements such as in Redshift and Portalmetal to enact visions of TQ/Latinx lives beyond the overcoded narratives they are portrayed through today.

Dr. micha cárdenas directs the Poetic Operations Collaborative, a design research lab at the University of Washington Bothell applying technological creativity to advance social justice. She is Assistant Professor of Interdisciplinary Arts & Sciences and Interactive Media Design at the University of Washington | Bothell. cárdenas is an artist/theorist who creates mobile media to reduce violence and increase health. cárdenas’ forthcoming book, Shifting Poetics uses practice-based research to understand trans of color movement in digital media, where movement includes migration, performance and mobility. cárdenas has been described as one of “7 bio-artists who are transforming the fabric of life itself” by

cárdenas completed her Ph.D. in Media Arts + Practice in the School of Cinematic Arts at the University of Southern California. She is a member of the artist collective Electronic Disturbance Theater 2.0. Her solo and collaborative artworks have been presented in museums, galleries and biennials including the Museum of Modern Art in New York, the ZKM in Karlrushe, the Art Gallery of Ontario in Toronto, Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions, the Centro Cultural del Bosque in Mexico City, the Centro Cultural de Tijuana, the Zero1 Biennial and the California Biennial. cárdenas was the recipient of the first ever James Tiptree Jr. fellowship, a fellowship to provide support and recognition for the new voices who are making visible the forces that are changing our view of gender today. She has given keynote talks at the Allied Media Conference, the Association of Internet Researchers, the Digital Gender Conference at Umea University in Sweden, the Dark Side of the Digital Conference, and has an upcoming keynote at the Vera List Center at the New School in New York.

cárdenas’ co-authored books The Transreal: Political Aesthetics of Crossing Realities and Trans Desire / Affective Cyborgs were published by Atropos Press. Her poetry has appeared in the anthologies Troubling the Line, The &Now Awards 3, Trans Bodies, Trans Selves and Writing the Walls Down. She has published book chapters in Plants, Androids and Operators – A Post-Media Handbook, Gender Outlaws: The Next Generation, Queer Geographies, The Critical Digital Studies Reader and the Feminist and Queer Information Studies Reader. Her articles have been published in CTheory, the Media-N Journal, the Ada Journal of Gender, New Media and Technology, The Journal of Popular Music Studies, and the AI & Society Journal, as well as the magazines No More Potlucks, Mute Magazine and Make/Shift Magazine.

Additional Resources

I’m glad I was in the Stonewall riot’ an interview with Sylvia Rivera Every Destructive Thing a “dialogue” between Sylvia Rivera and some pigs Y’all Better Quiet Down Sylvia Rivera’s speech at Liberation Day 1973

Cruising Utopia, Jose Muñoz, Introduction

Sexual Futures, Juana Maria Rodriguez, Introduction


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