Session C

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Session C: Citizenship for a Posthuman Rights with Victoria Ivanova


November 8-11
(exact class times to be posted)
November 18th 7:00pm: Public presentation in collaboration with Fall Semester at ICA, Miami.
Location: ArtCenter/South Florida

Citizenship for a Posthumanrights World led by Victoria Ivanova will interrogate the confluences, failures and affordances of human rights and contemporary art as mediation regimes of larger global political projects. It will be proposed that one of the avenues for their progressive aspects to be carried over, revised and applied is by using the contemporary art space to prototype speculative institutional forms and systems as they pertain to the question of citizenship. The sessions will function as a means of testing the posthumanrights vision that the proposal involves by looking at specific case studies and working towards potential strategies.


Victoria Ivanova is a curator and writer living in London. Having previously worked in thehuman rights field, in 2010, she co-founded a multidisciplinary cultural platform inDonetsk, Ukraine, which critically explored the intersection between activism, educationand artistic research. Ivanova is also one of the founding members of Real Flow—aresearch and development platform for socialising finance. Her practice is largelyinformed by systems analysis and her interest in infrastructures as mechanisms forshaping and (re)producing socio-economic and political realities. Ivanova’s recentpublications include ‘Art’s Values: A Détente, a Grand Plié’; in Parse 2: The Value of Contemporary Art (2015), ‘Novelty Intermediation and the Future of AccelerationistPolitics’ in Reinventing Horizons (2016), ‘Fractured Mediations’ in Der Zeitkomplex.Postcontemporary (2016), and ‘Contemporary Art and Collateral Financialisation’ inFinance and Society (II(i), 2016).

ArtCenter South Florida Studios: 924 Lincoln Road
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