Natalia Marcantoni

Presented in partnership with PANAL 361 (Buenos Aires, Argentina)

Saturday & Sunday, October 11-12 | 5-9pm
Saturday, October 18 | 5-9pm

RECEPTION  Wednesday, October 22 | 7-9pm

THROUGH IMAGES is a project by visiting artist Natalia Marcantoni from Buenos Aires, Argentina. Marcantoni invites the viewer to evoke the past, be present and pose for the future. The past is in the form of old slides – bits of celluloid. The spectator is invited to discover hidden fragments of the past through them. Within a cloud of pixels on a screen, digitized images of the past, that are also history, appear which can be repeated a thousand times. In one take, the viewer evokes the past and mixes it with the present while looking into the future through Marcantoni’s lens. At that moment, the instant will become the past and the past, present and future are melded together.

Natalia Marcantoni | Rojas, Argentina 1978 | Lives and works in Buenos Aires
Marcantoni grew up in a rural community in Rojas, Argentina. She developed an interest for the arts at an early age participating in painting, sculpture and literature workshops. She graduated in 2008 from the University of Buenos Aires with a degree in Image and Sound Design. Since then, she has taken photography workshops with Luis Martin, Alberto Goldestein and Juan Travnik. Marcantoni had a solo exhibition in the Festival de la Luz 2014 and she has participated in various gallery group shows in Panal 361 (Argentina). Recently, Marcantoni received a grant from the PAC project in the Gachi Prieto Gallery in Buenos Aires and has been invited by ArtCenter/South Florida as a visiting artist to develop her work.

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