Tin Marin de Dos Pingue

Anthony Ardavin Installation Shot

Tin Marin de Dos Pingue
By Anthony Ardavin
On view September 20 – November 2, 2014

Ardavin eludes the boundaries of ordinary life in his paintings. He has been incorporating 3-D elements to his paintings for several years. Ardavin has even traversed in the world of sculpture. In this exhibition, he combines it all to create paintings as free-standing sculptures. These surreal and colorful pieces are meant to engage the viewer in their fantastical narratives where cultures overlap, coexist and intermingle.

Anthony Ardavin | Santiago de Cuba, 1950 | Lives and works in Miami
Ardavin is a painter and a sculptor who paints a world of imagination that is nostalgic of the past. He usually works with the human figure against a background of geometric forms. The work is intimate, delicate, and poignant. Ardavin has exhibited extensively throughout the US and Mexico. He is currently a resident artist at ArtCenter/South Florida in Studio #800-102.

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