Laurencia Strauss and Fifty-Fifty
ON VIEW October 15 – January 8, 2017
O Cinema Wynwood | 90 NW 29th St, Miami, FL 33127

Laurencia Strauss and Fifty-Fifty present a pair of projects that navigate hope and doom to materialize personal and collective responses to sea level rise. In Strauss’ Talking to Satellites, a series of photographs spell a phrase. Each letter is formed as video and GPS track her bicycle movements on an ocean pier. The project connects the impending transformation of an individual’s life with that of an island landscape.

Fifty-Fifty (an art collective formed by Lisa Bulawsky and Laurencia Strauss) presents a new project, Stories for Fishes, which includes film screenings, public dialogue, and collective visual responses that will be shared underwater with fish and other sea creatures – the eventual heirs to the land we now call home.

Opening Reception | Transmission
Screening, Participatory Event & Brunch
Sunday, October 16, 2016 | 11:00 AM
O Cinema Wynwood | 90 NW 29th St, Miami, FL 33127

At the Opening Brunch and screenings of Le Maison en Petits Cubes and Thule Tuvalu, the artists will invite the audience to participate. During the films, they will encourage people to doodle. After the films, they will open a discussion and ask people to write or draw an experience of Miami that they would want to share with the fish who will eventually live in our city. The stories will be collected and become part of the larger print based installation in the exhibition space at O Cinema Wynwood. These will also be part of a video of the artists telling the stories, by reading or describing them, to fish off the coast of Miami.


Le Maison en Petits Cubes
12min | Animation, Short, Drama | 2010
Director: Kunio Kato; Writers: Kunio Kato, Kenya Hirata

An old man lives alone in a decrepit, partially submerged house that never seems to be quite safe from the rising levels of the ocean. One day, he drops his pipe into the flooded parts of his house while working on repairs, and he is forced to dive down to retrieve it. In the process, he finds himself recalling the parts of his life that he had forgotten about a long, long time ago.

Thule Tuvalu
1h 36min | Documentary, News | 2015
Director and writer: Matthias von Gunten

Thule lies in the extreme north of Greenland, Tuvalu is a small island state in the Pacific Ocean. In spite of this huge distance and their polarity, the two places are intimately related by a stroke of fate: in Thule the ice is retreating ever further and turning into seawater, in Tuvalu sea level is perpetually rising. The film deals with the people in Thule and Tuvalu whose lives are changing forever.

An artist collective founded by Lisa Bulawsky and Laurencia Strauss, working at the intersection of individual experience and the public sphere, negotiating cultural tensions through socially engaged participatory art practices.

Lisa Bulawsky
Lisa Bulawsky is an artist/printmaker known for her mixed media works on paper, installations, and temporary public projects. Her work explores the reciprocal influence of culture on the individual, especially as it is shaped by history and memory. Recent exhibitions include solo shows at the Eleanor D. Wilson Museum in Roanoke, VA (2015) and the Martin Wong Gallery in San Francisco, CA (2014) as well as group exhibitions at the International Print Center in New York, the Opole Contemporary Art Gallery in Poland, and the International Print Biennale at Northern Print in the UK. She is Professor of Art at Washington University in St. Louis and the director of Island Press, the Sam Fox School’s collaborative publishing workshop.

Laurencia Strauss
Laurencia Strauss is a visual artist and trained landscape architect. She investigates vulnerabilities and ingenuities of people and places through social actions, installations and projects in public spaces. Her alternative site analyses rely on social engagement and share researching a place with the people who live there. Working across art and design, she creates experiences that challenge our interdependencies. Recent solo exhibitions include Infiltracao at Peninsula Gallery, Porto Alegre, Brazil (2016), Landlines at Penland School Gallery, North Carolina (2016), and Reclining Islands at Fort Gondo Compond for the Arts, St. Louis (2014). Group shows include Waterscapes at The Box Gallery, Ft. Lauderdale (2016), Hightide at Satellite, Miami Beach (2015), and Museo con Piernas, Chile (2014).

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